Monday, February 11, 2008

Sukma 2008 - Logo

This post is to brifely describe about the Logo of SUKMA XII 2008.

The T indicates the first letter of Terengganu word. It is the main of the logo.

The logo itself show the instantaneous stroke that indicates healthy, spirit and speed.

The overall design of the logo symbolise an anchor of big boat "Perahu Besar". This "Perahu Besar" was a famous attraction in Terengganu.

The logo consist of 4 colours.
Black - To highlight that Terengganu is the host for SUKMA XII 2008.
Red - High spirit of winning the competition.
Blue - Unity and the sea that rich with oil and gas, tourism and son on.
Yellow - The sincerity and hardwork of everyong that involves with SUKMA XII 2008. It's also shows that Terengganu is a state with Sultan.

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